About us

Who are we?

Full service technology and consulting company exclusivly for the death care industry.

Since our inception in 1999 the company, our products and our vision for technology in the death care industry have grown tremendously. We started with simple HTML sites (cutting edge in 1999!) and have since then developed one of the only content management systems specifically for the death care industry as well as the only company providing 100% responsive websites at no additional cost. Our combined experience and development skill sets have helped us create a truly unique product based off the needs and wants from funeral directors we've consulted with over our 16 year history.

The Expressions Technologies corporate office is located in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our team is devoted to helping you express your funeral home brand by providing the most memorable and education experience to your visitors. Our talented staff of developers and Success Team members all work closely together to make sure each of our customers receives impeccable service.


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