Frequently Asked Questions - Design Process

Frequently Asked Questions about our design process

We have an existing website, can you import our old obituaries?

99 out of 100, the answer is YES. Other companies will tell you they can import everything however you will soon discover they are simply making promises they cannot deliver. While we have encountered numerous systems and formats of obituaries and have developed methods to import them to our system, from time to time we encounter some systems that do not provide an adequate export format. While this scenario is VERY rare, we chose to be upfront and honest with you right away. In the rare scenario we are unable to automatically import your obituaries we will work with you to develop a simple method to manually import them. Either way, we will make sure your data is safe and backed up.

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Can you design our Logo?

Our team of talented designers can design any number of items to help support your business.

We can provide the following design services:

  • Logos - for print, signage and web use
  • Stationary
  • Buisness Cards
  • Confernce and Expo signage
  • Advertisements - print and web
  • Guest registry books
  • Need something not listed here? Contact us today, chances are, we can do it.
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How long does it take to design a new website?

Our websites have been designed to allow for quick and easy deployment. After we have completed a demo and you have selected a layout, we immediately begin working on the site. Depending on the package, customization and requested functionality, your website can be up and running within 1-2 business days. While we can launch the site in a matter of minutes, there are certain aspects that take time. These include the communication response times between the designer and you and transfer times for domain names. Our average turn-around time from sale to launch varies between 4-6 weeks for Standard and most Premium package websites. During the process we will have scheduled weekly calls to review the progress, discuss design and request any needed content such as location pictures and company history. We strive to keep the entire process simple and quick while providing the best possible products and services. 

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