Social Media Integration

The team at Expressions Technologies understands the value and importance of Social Media in today's society. Keep your visitors engaged by allowing them to share and like content from your website in a familiar manor helps build your brand organically through Social Media. We have several great features to integrate not only your Social Media platforms but those of your visitors. You can automatically post new obituaries or blog posts to your Facebook, allow visitors to 'Like' your Facebook page from your website, ability for visitors to share and like Obituaries on their Facebook pages and even allow visitors to login to your website using Facebook! Comments, "Like" counters, a multitude of easy ways to share your content on Social Media... included in every website package and configured at no additional cost!

Share Buttons

1 click buttons to allow visitors to 'Like' and share Obituaries and other content from your website to Facebook, Twitter, Google + and many more.

Social Media Login

Easily register new users to site for lead generation and commenting by allow new uses such as family members register to your website using Facebook

Social Proof

Social proof is the psychological reliance of your brand based off the interactions and feedback of others. Think of this as modern day testimonials. When a visitor to your site is able to see that others are commenting and liking your Social Media platforms, the visitor assumes a higher degree of authenticity and trust of your brand. It is the quintessential "If everyone else is doing it, so will I" mentality.