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All support requests are logged within our Support Ticket system and are assigned to our Support Staff based on the Severity Level of the ticket. Severity Levels range from Low to High based on the impact on your business. You as the customer determine the initial severity level when starting a new Support Ticket. After initial review of the Support Ticket, the severity level may be changed.

The table below defines the different severity levels and the anticipated response time from our Support Staff.  

Please note - Severity Level 'Low' support requests are reviewed during business hours and responded to within 1 business day.

Severity Level Business Impact Initial Response Time*

Severe business impact
The use of our products or servers is so severely impacted that you are unable to operate your business

We will begin to work on the issue within 1 hour of the of the notification and keep the Ticket at the highest priority until we are able to fix the issue or provide a workaround. For issues at this level, you must be available should we require more information to address the issue.

Common characteristics:

  • Website is offline
  • Unable to access email and/or unable to send/receive email.
  • Removal of inappropriate content or comments as requested by the family.
Within 1 hour

Moderate Business Impact:

Important features or services are not functioning as intended and you are unable to find a workaround. Business operations are able to continue however the issue in question is preventing you from performing job functions or accessing certain areas of the system. 

Common characteristics:

  • Login related issues - password resets, user additions or cancellations
  • Unable to add/edit obituaries
  • Replace/repair content that was accidentally removed or modified. 
Within 24 hours

Minimal Business Impact:

Minor problems or questions that do not affect the actually functionality of our products/services. Everything is working as intended however you have general questions regarding How to's, product enhancements, general operations of your site or supporting documentation

Common characteristics:

  • General requests for product usage
  • Feature/service advice and general questions.
  • Product feature request
1 business day following initial review.


In order to provide you with the best service, please fill out all the fields below and attach any screenshots if necessary. In the Issue Description box, please describe the issue in detail, the steps you took that resulted in the issue as well as any links (if applicable) that are relevant.

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